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Helibiking The Coppermine Trail

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By Mr911S - Posted on 19 February 2015

Up until now most of my biking have been relatively flat with a few beginner single tracks thrown in for good measure.
It was time to try something a little more epic so heli-biking the Coppermine seemed like a good place to start. And what a ride down. The first part was fairly rocky till we got down to the forest section where things was fairly smooth bar for the odd tree roots. After that we then entered the native bush section and that was awesome. I stopped a few times on the way down to take in the awesome views. By the time I got to the bottom about 20ks later I had a smile a mile wide. An awesome day and ride. My goal for later in the year is to bike to the top within about 6 months.
Sorry I can't add pics as the files are over 4mb

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