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Wakamarina Helibike

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 17 October 2014

Saturday, 18 October, 2014 - 09:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Meeting Point: 

Butchers Flat at the end of the Wakamarina valley



The MTB-Buddies Wakamarina Helibike is a Grade 4+ Adventure suitable for those with a good set of riding skills and a suitable full suspension bike. For those willing to take it on it is a very rewarding ride with a good variety of track, including a huge number of fun ferny switchbacks down the 800m descent to the bottom.
We start with a Helicopter lift from Butchers Flat up to Fosters hut. From here we descend for about 30 minutes down to Fosters Creek. From here there is a bit of a push up to the top of the hill and then the most fantastic 800m descent down through the switchbacks to the Devils Creek hut at the bottom.
Lastly a ride out along the river valley which is a mixture of gentle ups and downs. There is a technical section at the Doom Creek bridge that it is recommended that you walk due to the hazard.
Given that this track is often a bit slippery in places, you are recommended to use large block sticky tyres and low tyre pressures to get the best out of the ride.

Wakamarina Helibike Map

What you need to know


The date is Saturday 18th of October and we are meeting at the end of the Wakamarina Valley at Butchers Flat.
We will meet at 09:15 with the first lift happening at 09:30am

How To Get There
To get there you drive to Canvastown where the trout hotel is about half way between the Pelorous bridge and Havelock. If you look at the map above you will see where I mean. Turn up the valley (red line) here and follow the road right up to the end. Its longer than you think (13.6km) and the last third is on gravel road that involves fording a couple of streams, a two wheel drive car is ok, though take it easy.
Some of you have opted to come in the Van, We will be meeting at the Nelson I-Site Carpark and departing there at 08:00am
Cost is $90 CASH. You will need to give this directly to the helicopter pilot or his crew so PLEASE bring the correct money. We can only get this cost by being efficient and helpful to them! This means turning up on time and being ready.
Cost for those of you taking the van option is $30, preferably cash too

Safety - Important
PLEASE make sure you have all the correct personal protection for your skill level. I would recommend knee and elbow pads for the descent.
You are paying for the Helicopter lift only, then you are essentially on your own, so you need to be prepared with spares for your bike and preferably a riding buddy and a first aid kit between you. There is NO cellphone coverage on the track.
I will be taking a full set of safety gear with me including the satellite phone and epirb, and following up the rear just in case. If you want to ride with me you are welcome to if you don’t have anyone else to ride with, or would just like to.
Helicopter Basics
For those of you that have not spent any time around helicopters there are a few basic rules that you MUST obey.
PLEASE – no loose clothing, clip your helmet to your pack and put anything loose into the pack, you can keep you camera out. Your gear will be stored in the back by the ground crew and at the top taken out and brought to you.
NEVER – EVER approach the back of the helicopter, always approach the front and keep low following the directions of the pilot or his ground crew
When in the Helicopter Buckle up and stay buckled up until you are told to unbuckle. Put on the Headset closest to your seat and push the microphone close to your mouth. It is voice activated. You will be able to hear each other and the pilot who will advise you if need be.
If you are in the front of the helicopter it goes without saying you DO NOT TOUCH anything
When you get to the top, exit toward the front of the helicopter UNLESS it is up hill, in which case the pilot will ask you to go toward the side – NEVER THE BACK
Take anything off your bike that could come loose, this includes water bottles, speedo’s, tool bags or anything else that could potentially come loose and store them in your back pack.
The ground crew will deal with your bikes, please bring it across when you are asked to.
Feel free to email me
Or phone / txt me on 0800 MTB NELSON (0800 682 6357)
We only go if there are two criteria met – Safety and Fun Factor, if either are compromised we can the trip

Have Fun


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