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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 22 October 2013

What a stunning day over at the Odyssey working bee today, I took one of my vans across with a great crew of volunteers to help the Golden Bay club and Rameka Project people get a bit more done on the new Odyssey track. This track is going to be a grade 4+ alternative route down to great expectations. All of you who ride over there will know how good these tracks are and this one will be no exception and is deliberately being built by hand at 2 foot across to provide a suitable challenge to those that like it that way. Last year as a result of the Golden Bay Clubs efforts and a bit of a competition that saw three Trail Saints teams have a go too, the Red section above was built. So far this year, including today’s efforts, the Green section has been done and the track is well down the valley. A couple more big efforts will see the rest done and hopefully by summer if there is enough help. I am always happy to give them a hand, and will happily take the van over again as I did today with the trailer so that you can also get a run in afterward as the crew today did!
Jonathan Kennett led the thrust today with a mix of locals, Wellington imports and a few of us from Nelson. Bad planning though saw the annual Gibbs Hill race on today which took out a few of the usual locals but all was good, a great team saw some good progress though it is now getting a bit more difficult crossing some shale beds and more rocky terrain as the track gets closer to the bottom. The dirt though is fantastic and will make a great base. A couple of good berms were thrown in today which once they harden up will add some flow and all the way down there are some good “Features” appearing to keep you on your toes.
One thing I saw this time while I was over there, but forgot to take a photo of, was the way the team over there stop you sliding off the bridges they have built over the creeks. Instead of using chicken wire or plastic, both of which make a bit of a mess if you fall on them, they have used old tyres cut up and placed in strips across the bridges, a great way to get rid of those environmentally awkward old tyres and I would say long lasting as well.
For further info on the Rameka Project work you can keep up to date by watching their Blog

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