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Ben Nevis Helibike

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 22 October 2013

Re: This ride meeting: 
Cycle Festival - Ben Nevis Helibike

These two Panorama's taken by Murray Findlay give you some idea of the stunning views you get up on Ben Nevis. The day was a stunner and there wasn't a breath of breeze up there either, it was just idyllic!

We had 36 keen riders for this one including a young Dutch tourist who had hired a Hardtail and joined us in his Campervan with his young family in tow, goes to show the draw this sort of ride has on some people. From what Juliet tells me he had a ball despite his steed and I am sure he will go home with a great story and memories. Not sure his wife and kids will with 3.5 hours with the sandflies!

This ride or should I say Adventure is a very hard one to describe accurately, but I have been assured that I got it pretty right and nobody was disappointed having understood what they were in for. Due to the numbers we had to use two machines to ferry everyone up in a timely manner, even so being the last one up most of the other had already set off well ahead and I didn't get to catch up with them!

Petra and I Played tail end Charlies and along with the two youngsters Robert and Heyden and Ash and Raewyn we made our way down through the various different terrains and clambered up over the pinnacle with bikes on shoulders to take in the stunning views.
As we got further down we got into the longer stretches of riding the whoops of joy ringing through the forest made me grin.

After telling every one to bring elbow and knee pads I managed to leave my knee pads on the floor of the garage and after a little oops on the upper slopes was leaking a bit of blood as a result, so I think I might have learned my lesson on that one.

I have to really hand it to Petra though. She finished her last Chemo on Wednesday and couldn't help herself and came along on BOTH of the Helibikes this weekend. I though after the Coppermine I might get a ring in the morning but no, she was there full of beans and didn't even squeal on the way up this time! It was pretty physically taxing and I was quite worried that she might run out of steam and need some help, but she was able to do the whole thing with no more rests and breaks than the rest of us needed, She carried her own bike up over the rocks and although she said "I'm a bit off my game today" she still rode a great deal more than most would!

Anyway, we all had a great time, and feel sorry for those of you that missed out. I'll try and organise another one some time over summer. If your keen let me know and I'll put you on the list for it.

These pictures should say the rest - Steve

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What an awesome weekend. Well done steve, Toby and his team. I was lucky enough to do both heli rides. Ben Nevis is a stunner. It was an awesome adventure ride and finishing on the downhill tracks was the icing on the cake. 10 out of 10. Steve, what's next? I'm in!!!

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