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Coppermine Night ride

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 01 October 2013

Daylight saving has kicked in but a group of us decided to do a night ride over the Coppermine anyway!
For some it was theoir forst night ride and some it was their first Coppermine Ride and some both!
What an adventure they had!
Unfortunatly we lost Petra and Mike along the way due to a broken Derailler but the hardy 9 carried on and had a ball.
We also found a huge flatworm along the way, appropriatly called "Flatty"

In the blurry Picture left to right

Marty, robert, Sue, Steve, Heyden, Brian, Linda and Maree

Missing are Me (steve) takign picture and Mike and Petra who had to turn back

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That worm is disgusting

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