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Wiggles Working Bee

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 22 September 2013

Well with the Sailing cancelled and the sky falling it was really tempting just to pull up the covers this morning and stay in bed and have one of those lazy Sundays that happen once every blue moon. Track fever got the better of me though and Juddy’s Pleading calls to assist with the building of yet another piece of boardwalk on the Wiggles was just too much to ignore, besides, someone had to pick up the morning tea! On arrival there were a group of vehicles stuck at the ford all unwilling to cross it, and Juddy was about to pull the pin when Andy drive his car across without any trouble and parked up ready to go in the usual spot taunting the rest of us to do the same. So we did. The picture above shows the state of the ford and looking at it did seem to give one the idea that one might be slid sideways off the edge, but fortunately not and once Andy had gone over in the smallest lightest vehicle, the rest of us grew balls and did the same and got on with what we had come for!
Today’s job was “The Big One” that’s the worst of the boggy sections along the wiggles that had for a long time been almost unrideable but for the odd occasion when you keep your momentum up enough not to sink to your axles in prehistoric swamp. This one was to be different though, this one required us to pound in some long posts and build a frame to hold some recycled fibreglass matting that our head tea lady had “acquired” from somewhere.
After using the Motorised Hand Saw to put some points on the posts Muz, Dave, Andy and Myself took turns pounding away with the sledge hammers and drove 15 posts deep into the mire on which to bolt the supporting frame.
Meanwhile the “Lady Mucks” were playing in the mire building drainage ditches and removing rocks for our lead up ramp. Juddy was “supervising” of course as he usually does before slipping away to do the most important job of the day – put the billy on!

It doesn’t look that bad in this picture, but that mud hole is knee deep and goes around the corner

Above you can see the starting point as it was when we arrived, I assure you that given the amount of mud that went down the plughole when I got home and showered, most of what you see here ended up on us and the swamp was very quickly turned into something akin to the La Brear Tar Pits that sucked down the dinosaurs in LA.
First up was a few loads down the bank carrying the wood and tools needed to do the job, then while Muz and I prepared the posts and Andy, Dave and Juddy started building the frame, the others spent time playing in the swamps making drainage ditches and waterfalls and other such nice water features as they could create. There was a bit Whoop of joy from Sue at one point as she let loose a title wave of slush down her newly formed trench.
I have to admit that despite the rain and mist, yeah, and the mud and the cold, it was one of the more fun sessions we have had because we all knew we were going to end up soaking wet and covered in mud. Even the four dogs ended up brown instead of their usual black! The back of my car may need a fire hose to remove the mud that eddy dragged back with him. Anyway I am rambling now, below are some more pictures to show you what was achieved.

Muz Dave Andy Andy and Dave getting the framing setup

The Swamp Monsters who threw this together for you (Not sure that Lucy wants the chainsaw there Andy!)

The finished product, though for the sicko’s amongst you, you can still try riding the swamp!

So there you go, another section cleared and tidied up.
Further down the track the PD boys have been laying some more of the Jack Matting that we have purchased, and with the gravel on it its working a treat.
The final swamp y corner with the huge ruts toward thew end of the top section of Wiggles has now been carved down by the PD boys and had Jack Matting put in place with some serious drainage along the sides to keep things from deteriorating back to the state it was in.
In the next couple of months the rest of the track is going to be tidied up (no not sterilised) and have the weeds and grass whacked back and a bit more gravel put in places that need it. This will end up making this track the long flowing track that it used to be

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