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Cycle Festival - Coppermine HeliBike

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 13 August 2013

Saturday, 19 October, 2013 - 10:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Meeting Point: 

Caretakers House above Maitai Dam



Hi there fellow Mountain Bikers

The Third Great Coppermine Heli-bike!

Who's In?

Suitable for a wide range of riders of grade 2+ and up.
Also available to people who would like to Walk / Unicycle / run back down.
We do this trip for those of you who would not normally have it in you for the full Coppermine loop and if you have never done the Coppermine at all, then this is a great way to get a look!
The ride down is about 40 minutes of bliss! Or if you are not up to Grade 3, then you can take the Grade 2+ option back down the Dun Mountain trail.

Cost is $95 per person

There will possibly also be an option to fly over to Dew Lakes and ride down from there for those keen to do it

If you are keen to do this ride and book your place on the Helicopter then register on this site and opt in to this ride. I will keep you informed of progress and other information.

Any Questions feel free to contact me on 0274449506


Steve Newport (Cheif Disorganiser)

Who's in?
Captain_Spong, LUni.Tick, lazy man, Detlef
Captain_Spong LUni.Tick lazy man Detlef
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Captain_Spong Coppermine Helibike What a great day we had on Saturday with the Coppermine Helibike, beautiful sunny day and lots of happy smiling faces. There were 42 booked for the trip ranging from the usual scraggy ones like Juddy and Scotty to a couple that had come up from...

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