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Coppermine Heli-Bike 2012

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 13 October 2012

What a day the weather gods turned on for us for what has now become the MTB-Buddies Annual Coppermine Heli-Bike! A final count of 68 enthusiastic people turned up, including three walkers and Mad Marti who rode down on his Muni! The first flight up contained 6 of the more “Hard Out”
lads with the sorts of bikes that weigh half a ton but can ride over anything. They flew up to the top of Dun Mountain where they crossed Little Twin to the Dew Lakes and down via the Rush Pool back to the dam. I met them afterward at the bottom grinning from ear to ear with a few beers flowing and covered in grime with mud on their faces, so it can’t have been too bad now can it!

Dawn and Kevin managed to get the extra long flight in from Wakefield, and they were obviously enjoying the sun while the waited at the top for the rest of us. They took the Dun railway down and enjoyed a good cruise to the bottom that way. I found them finishing the day at the Hardy Street Sprig with Juddy, Scotty and Andrew.
Once people started to gather at the top, most stayed a while to watch the two helicopters coming and going for a while. Toby was flying the Squirrel and his father Bill was flying the Hughes. Their skill was very apparent as the flawlessly ferried us all in along with our bikes and gear. One thing we did learn this time round though was to remove bike computers and cameras from bikes and helmets and store them safely away. Fortunately they were all returned to their owners once found and identified!
The Track down the Dun Railway side is in excellent order as its all been groomed and prepared for summer. The South branch track was a little rough in places, and a couple of people found it tough going, though I personally had a ball on my new toy.
All up 100% fantastic and from the comments I got its all on again for next year with most wanting to sign up again straight away!
With the success of both this and last years one, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we can make this an annual event as part of the cycle festival. I’ll get in a bit quicker with the council consent next time around though, just to make sure.
Many thanks the Kevin and Dawn for offering to take the Dun Mountain Tour, though as it turned out nobody seemed to need any more than a point in the right direction. Also thanks to Scotty and Juddy for their potential assistance should they have been needed also.
To those of you that thanked me for organising it, I appreciate the gesture. The grins on the faces is all the thanks I need, and the knowledge that you all had a good time encourages me to keep doing it. - Cheers

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