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Kaiteriteri ride Saturday 12-5-12

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 12 May 2012

On Saturday, 16 (15 in photo as John Sexton met us at the top) of us “Buddies” headed over to Kaiteriteri to have a play over there and give Misha a bit of a look at some of the other stuff we have to offer after showing him the Coppermine last week. The group are looking rather mirthful in this photo as I had set the camera on a post and turned on the Auto function, and in the process of running into position got my pack strap caught around my ankle and my gear went flying all over the place, needless to say I didn’t have to say cheese!
We did the “Standard” ride where we ride right through the main easy loop to warm up, that’s Salivater, Sidewinder, Swamp Monster and Glade runner to the end of the park, then a small grunt up Ziggy to the bottom of Corkscrew. Being a little damp today, the track had a layer of sludge on top, and the grunt up Corkscrew saw a few of us get enough of that grit into our chains to cause some “Chain Suck” toward the top. The ride down was a lot slower that previously due to the slime layer, and there were a few whoo hoos and calls of semi dispair on the way down as various back ends showed a bit of a mind of their own. John had a bit of a nasty one where he smashed his foot into a root at speed and came to such a sudden stop that he toppled over the bank. At the bottom he was in a lot of pain and headed off early, hopefully the damage is not too bad.
The “Luni’s” had separated from us and done a different loop, but met up with us at the bottom of corkscrew and rode with us though Skullduggery, where Fran decided to make his own new track down the side of the bank, luckily no damage there.
After Skullduggery it was down Rockface, Bayview and Swish, Along Easy rider and down Half Pipe back to the skills area. We had the $5 “Mountain Biker Special” at the café by the beach and sat out on the deck having a bit of a yarn session, before Marty headed off with my jumper leads to get Mike on the road, and the rest of us headed back home with a grin on our faces.
Great company guys, thanks

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