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Chings Highway

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 09 May 2012

Chings Highway is not worth attempting to ride at the moment
There are still several slips from the flooding, and a lot of growth from over summer.
Later this year it is our intention to regroom and fix this track up ready for next summer. If you would like to help with this send me a message

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Chings is open and riding fabulously !
It has been recently trimmed, shovelled, grubbed and shaped and is in top condition for riding. You can see where the slips have been but there’s a nice challenging path through all of them. Three of us rode everything, another three almost everything and the last three walked some of the challenging bits. Similar grade to Fireball loop I guess.
These two mysterious fellows who told me they had been working on it were both in their mid 50’s I guess (ie; just young fellows !), they were riding up Sharlands. One had a “BMC” (Swedish I think) frame. I didn’t get their names but we had a chat. If I see them again I’ll get them to contact you.
Simon Orr

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