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Corkscrew Track

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 09 April 2012

With the fantastic Easter Weather it was always going to be one of those long weekends where you don’t want to waste a minute of it inside if you don’t have to, so Swity and Myself took off over to Kaiteriteri to join Bryan and Nana Ian in a ride down the new “Corkscrew” Track from the ridgeline.
This was the first time I had ridden it in its fully finished state, I had been privy to a bit of a preview of it while it was under construction when Guy Trainor took me up there for a look under penalty of death should I let slip about it. In fact… Guy, you still owe me that beer!
If you have not ridden this track yet, you are yet to see what a fantastic job the Kaiteriteri crew have done, and once again put us Nelson track builders to shame! If only the codgers Tracks were like this, but that’s another story in itself and I won’t go there.
I Tried to count the number of switchbacks on this track on the way up, buit lost count, and again on the way down it was impossible to ride and keep track so I thought I would count them in the video I took of our ride down, and kept loosing track in that… but there are hundreds of them.
This is the Kaiteriteri version of Involution, but the corners have flow and are more numerous.
Buddy Bryan led the way, with me in hot pursuit and swifty on my tail. We picked up another bloke “Chris” on the way up, and he tail end charlied us down and had a huge grin on his face at the bottom. I think we might see him again on other rides now!
Anyway, Relive the adventure with us and watch the video on Youtube (Link Below).
I even found some great old music from one of the early Lemon and Paeroa adds for it.

Unfortunately for Nana Ian he lost his biscuits along the way and didn’t get to finish the ride.
Apparently a HUGE drop stepped out in front of him and he had a bit of a dismount and hurt his shoulder. Bryan did find his biscuits for him though, and hopefully the lump on the shoulder is nothing serious, though it will prevent him from crosstiching for a few days.

Watch the complete 10 minute video of pure bliss and count those corners for yourself!

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