Barron's Flat Ride

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 08 January 2012

If your looking at doing the Barron's Flat Ride, make sure that you are well prepared for a long slog with plenty of mud holes and dismounts.
Its definatly worth the effort if you are prepared for it, but the DOC litrature makes it sound a little easier than it actually is.

DOC say its an intermediate ride mostly downhill, sometimes boggy with the occational carry inplaces.

A more accurate description is probably

An Intermediate / Advanced grade 3-4 ride a couple of long downhill stretches, but with plenty of uphill bits as well. Many bog holes mostly unrideable if wet with a lot of carrying and dismounting involved.
riding time approx 4.5 hours, with rests about 5-6 hours total.

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