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The 2011 MTB-Buddies (And Luni-Buds) Christmas BBQ

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 27 November 2011

Sunday, 18 December, 2011 - 13:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Rabbit Island
Meeting Point: 

Conifer Park

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Hi Guys

Latest Update

The Front of the beach is pretty waterlogged, and it is very unlikely to be open tomorrow morning, so we will go ahead with the BBQ at the earlier time of 1.00pm tomorrow (Sunday 18th)but now at the location shown in the map above.
Still on Rabbit Island , but in the area just over the bridge past the Caretakers House on the right.



Steve 0274449506

Who's in?
Dale, Captain_Spong, LUni.Tick, Jethro Bodine, LUni Rider
Dale Captain_Spong LUni.Tick Jethro Bodine LUni Rider
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Steve, our work dinner was moved to this day, so I will be able to come, but really only for an hour, maybe 2 max, as our work din starts at 6. I can leave the BBQ trailer and my work key with you if you want to drop it back in the yard on your way through. Just let me know sir.

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HI Dale, Thanks for that, we will make sure its looked after and returned in appropriate state.
If the weather stays wet, then we may be moving it to Sunday Lunchtime instead.
Hope to keep you posted

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