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Road Riding Etiquette

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By hdb - Posted on 01 September 2011

This was about people on the Moutere Highway, but I see it as applicable to any road cyclists, so I am posting it here for other roadies. The email came from Krista Hobday, the TDC road safety coordinator, who is a supporter of cyclists in the region

I had a call from a gentleman today who regularly travels along the Moutere Highway. He is just starting to see cyclists out and about training (must be the warmer weather) around this area. He is concerned about how some cyclists travel 3 wide on the roads and the dangers faced by cyclists and other car drivers when these cars try and overtake at not suitable locations. This is happening at different times of the day and on different days, so cannot be tracked to one club or certain group of cyclists.

Now I know cars should not overtake on bends or at not suitable locations, but cyclists should not always travel 3 wide on some of these roads. It is not a solution that we can easily fix, but if it comes up in a group meeting, or just with chatting with cyclists could you please remind them about the courtesy of travelling in single file where appropriate. I am in the process of swapping the road side billboard along this stretch of road and will put up one reminding drivers to give cyclists 1.5m of space when passing.


Krista Hobday
Road Safety Coordinator
Tasman District Council

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I have seen the same thing. Our buddies group are guilty of riding more than 1 wide on roads, but only when no vehicles are present, and we all know to fall instantly into single file when someone yells "CAR".

I have seen some shocking roadies just of late, with absolutely no desire to move over, and often while not even in the provided cycle lane.

C'mon troops, this reflects bad on us all.

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