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Where shall we ride this weekend?

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 14 August 2011

Any idea where we should ride this coming weekend?
What's your preference?

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I still havent done the Coppermine yet, is that open?.
Second choice is something non boggy and mushy. Maybe even do a circuit of the new Tantragee tracks.
Not keen on Sharlands. I am going to stay out of there till it fines up, I just feel like Im making it a bigger bog than it is now.

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Having just done Sharlands I think we will keep out of there for a while as you say.
I like the idea of perhaps a group ride around the new Codgers tracks.
We could do a tripple loop something like this.
Climb all the way up to the trig
Firball Extension and then P51 and Pipalini.
Climb back up to Fireball Skid and do IV line (time trials!)
and then (after a meusli bar) back up to the skid and do Turners and dogs... or Turners and Blackberry and then back to the saddle finishing with Gully?

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I think we will leave Canaan and Rameka until it warms up a bit and is less wet. Perhaps mid September.

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We haven't done Whaiwhero north for ages.
Aparently Gorse Gauntlet is still rideable.
I know its more of a cross country tour, but its an option.

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We are keen on the Caanaan loop and Rameka having never done either. Is the Caanan loop any good for a night ride?

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Umm.. I For one will definately not be doing a winter night ride up there!
Perhaps a summer one!

I have decided that I will leave the Canaan ride until this cold snap passes us by and it warms up a bit.

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