The "Dogs" Tracks

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By Captain_Spong - Posted on 12 August 2011

The "Dogs" Tracks have had a bit of a makeover and been condensed into one "Super" track. Work is still in progress on the lower bypass, but the main run is awesome. Three ramps and a log jump (all with chicken lines)
And some great corners to boot.
The only rideable track is the yellow line in the picture. The green line is under progress and has a giant ramp and bouncy bridge!
The other two tracks (blue and White) have trees down and are in no way ridable any more so don't bother trying!

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Hey - nice.

Will these be making an appearance in the trails DB?

That way you can enter and discuss individual trails on the system, and it will make an automated KML file for you.

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Hey Rob

There are a lot of new trails being built here at the moment, and I will be adding them to the DB as I get time!

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