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By Dale - Posted on 26 July 2011

The syndicated forums are creating confusion I think. I have been using forums / message boards daily since 1999, and these are even catching me out. Any way to simplify?. Do we need to be dialled in with Australia/USA?

We are aiming to be a source of info primarily in Nelson, for Nelsoners, and secondarily to NZ as a whole, I think we may have cast the net a bit too wide. What do we all think on this one?.


edit..... see, i have even put this post in entirely the wrong place...

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Hi Dale,

The idea of syndication is that when people discuss things like equipment (in the MTB or unicycle gear forum) you get a wider audience, and when they want to talk local (in the MTB Buddies chat, or Nelson/Tasman forum) the audience is kept small. That way, you aren't stuck just asking the people you know and ride with if you were looking for opinions on, how to fix your brakes for example.

Personally, I think this is the best of both worlds, but it does rely somewhat on people not posting in the wrong place. Eg. you post a question about riding in a specific location in the MTB gear forum, loads of people from different regions and countries are going to see it... and there, perhaps, is the confusion.

Basically - choose the right forum and you'll be sweet! Smiling

It is possible to remove the syndication on your site, but that's up to your moderator.

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Hey Rob
I tend to agree with Dale at this stage.
While this us starting up, I think we need to get the locals onboard first, and at the moment, they are being "frightened off" by the number of forums.
Can we remove syndication to start with please, and then perhaps add it back in later once we have an active group going?

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Isn't HDB in charge around here? Eye-wink

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