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Codgers Tracks

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Double Track:
2 for 3.4km (22%)
1 for 1.6km (10%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
9 for 5.8km (37%)
Single Track - Exposed:
4 for 4.7km (30%)
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Codgers Tracks Gallery

A great set of beginner to intermediate tracks winding through native bush and stands of exotic trees. Nicely formed and exciting options abound. Good for a weekday, weekend or night ride alone or with a group.

Meeting Point: 

Bottom of Dun Mountain Railway

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Full Description: 

A close to town and constantly evolving mountain bike park. Mostly single-track strung together by Old Codgers and Summit Road. Nothing too steep or technical but more than enough to catch you out if you don't pay attention.

Only the major tracks are mapped here - there are lots of short connectors tying them together that are not included.


Brook Street Store, Sprig & Fern, Prince Albert or many others along Nile or Milton Streets.

Hot Lap Challenges Here
Challenge Distance
IV Line Hot lap Challenge 1.241Km
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The MTB-Buddies Annual Shortest Night Ride! 5 years 42 weeks ago
Coppermine loop ride 6 years 5 weeks ago
Coppermine loop ride #2 6 years 40 weeks ago
Coppermine loop ride 6 years 43 weeks ago
Friday Dog Run 7 years 9 weeks ago
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