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Welcome to the Revolution, Round 2

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By hdb - Posted on 30 June 2011

A little background

Over the last year or so, we (Steve Newport, Dale Swift and I, amongst others) have been trying to get the MTB-Buddies website up and going with useful content, lively forums and smart features. Since we were doing this around jobs, families and riding, the website always came out last, little progress was being made and hope appeared to be dim. The biggest bursts of activity would come when Juddy chastised me for not keeping spammers off the site and I would do a quick bit of housecleaning. About a month ago, we decided to make a concerted effort to jump start the site. While I was looking for some ideas on how to make things work the way I wanted (including some real blue sky concepts), I stumbled across an amazing community in Australia on (Northern Beaches Mountain Bike). Just about every items on my wish list was there in living colour (and a whole pile that I hadn't even considered). After a brief frenzy of wondering how I could duplicate their site, I discovered that they would host other groups using their technology! Even better than us doing it alone, we could jump in and become part of their community with our local details organised for us.

The revolution starts now

The site you are seeing now is part of the Global Riders Network, the underlying technology created for NoBMoB and made available for free by Robin Rainton. We will have our local trails, regular rides, events and forums while also gaining access to active discussions for equipment, training and other topics that transcend regional issues. It doesn't cost anything for people to sign up or participate and we can contribute back to a much wider audience than just Nelson. I would love to get people's feedback about this move, either through the comments below (if you are signed in) or by an email to me. We do have more enhancements and new functions planned for the near future but the real value will come from everyone participating in the forums, posting rides, pictures/videos, trail status or anything else that you think the rest of us would enjoy. This belongs to all of us, so don't be shy to throw your bit in! Ride on, -dave bonnett-
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Hi Dave, Robin and Dale.
What a great effort so far... This is just the ticket!
Cheers and thanks

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