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Codgers MUni ride photos 10.9.11

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A great fun ride up codgers on Saturday with Murray, Daena, Julian, Katie and myself heading up to the Tantragee saddle and back, including a side excursion down the DC track.

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Coppermine Cruise

Another great ride with great comapny!

Robin Sue Dale and Jacinta shelter from the cold wind

And Dale makes it to the top!

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Waterloo & Willow Lane on "one"

A different take on some already fun mtb tracks.

Is Waterloo and Willow Lane getting a bit tame for you on "two"? Then how about trying them out on "one". Murray, Julian, Finn and myself rode them on Saturday. There fun and challenging tracks to attempt on "one", offering us all plenty of surprises and spills at one time or another. Give it a whirl; I'm sure Juddy designed them for the one wheelers out there, didn't you mate. A great day out for sure. Here's a few photos of our encounter up there. Cheers Marty

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Hira Ride 13-8-2011

Hira Ride 13-8-11

The boys at the top of "Slingshot"
Great ride and Eddy got his 150th possum too

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Coppermine Ride

The Boys At The Saddle in the wind!

The Boys at the top on our ride today.
A howling southerly certainly added to the humour!
Great Ride, Great company!

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Recent MTB-Buddy Rides and Events

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Photo, from left to right.

Colleen Murdoch, Murray Puklowski, Deana Puklowski, ME, Jeff Chapman (Works for Kim and Col), Layton Murdoch, Kayley Murdoch, Mary Hogarth (Colleens Sister), Kim Murdoch, Shanee Anderson, Keith Anderson.

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